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Also known as Cotton Candy Kush, this strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, though the exact ratio of sativa to indica isn’t widely known. Cotton Candy is a complex mix of Power Plant from South Africa and Lavender from Amsterdam, itself a blend of Skunk strains and an Afghani Hawaiian. THC levels are relatively high, topping 22% in some samples, while CBD is much less prominent. That chemical makes up less than 1% of this strain, meaning Cotton Candy shouldn’t be used as the sole treatment for conditions that respond to CBD, including seizure disorders. Expect a calming body high from this strain, along with cerebral effects, euphoria, and a boost of happiness. It’s a good choice for patients who suffer from anxiety, migraines and other headaches, chronic pain, and everyday stress. Not surprisingly, the smell and flavor are reminiscent of cotton candy, with sweet, fruity notes and hints of other kinds of candy. Cotton Candy produces the usual side effects: dry mouth and dry eyes, as well as paranoia and dizziness. It sells best on the West Coast, in Arizona, in Colorado, and British Columbia.

코튼 캔티 쿠쉬는 인디카 비율이 높은 품종입니다! THC는 비교적 높은 편에 속합니다 최소 22%부터 시작하며 CBD는 약한 편에 속합니다. 코튼 캔디 쿠쉬의 향이 뇌를 찔러 불안감과 두통 만성통증을 해결하지만 구강 건조증과 안구 건조증, 편집증 등을 유발할 수가 있습니다 냄새와 풍미는 솜사탕을 연상케 하며 달콤하고 과일 향이 납니다 서부 해안, 애리조나, 콜로라도에서 가장 히트친 품종이기도 합니다!

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